• "From the building blocks of an idea..."
  • "to function delivered."

Welcome To LincTek

LincTek offers over thirty years of experience in the design and manufacture of parts and equipment for the Automotive, Aerospace, and Telecommunications industries. We can work from bare ideas to highly technical designs to make your ideas or needs into real parts. LincTek operates several factories in the US, China, and Taiwan to provide the best mix of quality and price available.


A phrase often heard from LincTek is "show me your pain". Our engineers are especially good at looking at a problem and finding a solution that may come from a whole new direction.

So contact us with your needs today. There is never a charge for project evaluations, and you will get our honest estimates of both feasibility and costs.

Above is one of our first projects, Cable Spillway™. It required engineering work in platics composition, tooling, strength analysis, and more. It is still in use by the industry after nearly 20 years.

Our areas of expertise include thermoplastics, injection molding, injection-blow molding, machining, 3D CAD design, plating, CNC design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, and much more.